Who We Are

What We Are About

an·them Church is a tribe of Jesus gathered together to live as Jesus lives and love as Jesus loves. That means we live out his radical love, acceptance, and grace to everyone, no questions asked, and we invite everyone to experience who Jesus is. We are radically inclusive -- this isn’t a place where you need to believe before you belong, or behave before you're accepted.

We also don't isolate ourselves from others or go back and forth from one place to another. Instead, we come together as family -- laughing together, crying together, building together, and serving together -- revealing Jesus through action and word. We rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those who mourn, and we celebrate with those who celebrate as a transparent and authentic tribe of Jesus.

Why We Call Ourselves "an·them"

The name an·them defines our mission as a tribe. We lowercase the name and divide the syllables with an interpunct because it mimics the entry in a dictionary. According to the dictionary, an anthem is a song of praise or devotion, so the treatment of our name is a visual reminder of who we want to be. We want our lives to be a living song of praise and devotion to Jesus. We want to live as he lives and love as he loves because this is how we were all purposed and designed to live. Together as a tribe, we follow Jesus along this journey, living to the beats of the song he has put in our hearts and playing that song through our lives -- a song of praise and devotion.

What to Expect

Curious what it looks like when we gather together? Check out our visit page.

Our Values

Below is a depiction of some of our values. We want to connect with God and others, serve God and others, and live as Jesus lives and loves as he loves.