When & Where

Sundays | 10:15 a.m.

We meet for about an hour.
We gather together across Oregon, Washington, California, and Arizona. 

What to Expect

Expectations are a big deal, and we try to be as authentic and transparent as possible with our community. Here are a few things you can expect to experience with our tribe, an·them Church.

The Bible

We believe the Bible is powerful and relevant to our lives. You'll hear stories about Jesus read every week. 


Music is important to us, so we'll take time to sing together. Words will be projected on a screen for everyone to sing along.

Songs we sing.


There will be a time of teaching from the Bible. Our teachers study hard to help encourage us with the Good News of Jesus. 


We believe in the power of prayer. We know God hears us, so we pray often and about everything.

Kids & Youth

Kids are always welcome in our main gathering. We also have special care for infants and programs for pre-k through high school.


We participate in 

Communion every week. We use grape juice and gluten-free rice crackers. 

What is Communion?


We make space each week for people to worship through giving. Visitors should never feel obligated to give. 

Why give?

What to Wear

Come dressed however you like as we're a pretty informal crowd. Pastor Paul usually preaches in shorts and flip flops during the summer. 

More About an·them

We are a diverse tribe of people -- some are brand new to faith in Jesus and others have been following him for decades. We are risk takers and seekers of truth. We ask questions and want to be challenged. And changed.

If you're looking for a people who follow Jesus in action and word, who offer a safe place to ask questions, who want everyone -- from our infants to our high schoolers to our senior citizens -- to live as Jesus lives, then come and check us out.

​Above all, expect an open community that wants to seek Truth together. And expect to hear about Jesus. We love him because he's changed us and the world, so we talk a lot about him.


Read more about Who We Are and What We Believe.