We at Anthem Church believe that Jesus calls us to serve our brothers and sisters inside and outside of the church.
Following Jesus in action is a marker for us as a community; specifically, loving on those who are in poverty, disenfranchised, or deemed outcasts by society.​ We work together, joining in with Jesus, to reveal his love in our neighborhood, community, city, and the world. We accomplish this with two service programs: Serve lo·cal and Serve glo·bal.

Serve lo·cal

Serve lo·cal is Anthem's effort to help our surrounding community. We are involved in serving at least once a month to meet needs in our community. We have partnered with...

  • Oregon Food Bank

  • Northwest Children's Center

  • Dinner & A Movie (houseless youth)

  • Special Olympics

  • Donated Christmas gifts to families in need

  • Served the houseless people by delivering socks, blankets, coats, hygiene products, and more

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​​Serve glo·bal


Serve glo·bal is Anthem's effort to help meet needs in our broader global community. We currently support Lola Children's Home in Tigray, Ethiopia. 

Lola Children’s Home is a not-for-profit humanitarian organization established to improve the lives of orphan children affected by HIV and provide them with a bright future. Lola provides home care, daycare, and community outreach services to more than 85 children. Lola partners with donors, communities, and respective government offices so that the children are provided with an education, healthcare, and safety.

Lola Childrens Home.jpeg