Family Safety Procedures

The safety of our families and children is our highest priority. We use the following guidelines and procedures to ensure the protection of everyone who gathers with us:

  • Only volunteers on duty and parents of children on-site are allowed to enter the Families Area.

  • Parents sign in their children and sign them out.

  • The parent or guardian who signs in any child is the only person that can sign that child out.

  • No volunteer is ever allowed to be alone with a child.

  • No male volunteers are ever allowed to change diapers or take children to restrooms.


​​Additionally, an·them Church uses the following protocol in selecting volunteers for any Families Classroom. Each prospective volunteer must:

  • Fill out an extensive volunteer application

  • Pass a thorough background check

  • Pass a search of registered sex offenders as listed on the Megan’s Law website

  • Have two references successfully contacted


Furthermore, a list of prospective volunteers is sent to an·them Church staff to allow for internal feedback regarding any proposed volunteers.

For more information regarding the safety procedures for our children, email